Month of the Military Child


SAF BLOG POSTS Month of the Military Child What we do as parents has a serious impact on our children’s future. From the way we handle certain situations, occupation, habits, hobbies and even our general attitude towards everyday life. Many of our military service members had parents that served, some still do. The same can […]

Healing Together


It was one of the most insightful experiences I’ve gone through as far as sheading light on how to help Veteran families through Set Apart Farms.



It was a Friday before a holiday weekend. I was laying in bed recovering from a recent surgery I had been waiting for for quite some time, 4 years and 11 months to be exact.

Embrace Change


“Don’t expect a change in circumstances if you aren’t willing to do something different.”

Sounds simple right? Then why is it so hard to get someone to change their routine, especially if it causes negative outcomes?

Who is Set Apart Farms?


Set Apart Farms is a veteran owned and operated non-profit created to heal veterans and their families. Together they have sacrificed and together they must all heal.