When tragedy strikes good families…


This post is about the McMullen family, a Veteran family of eight who are struggling to pay for necessary medical treatment for their 10-year-old son. The post discusses the difficulties they are facing in terms of access to resources and support, as well as the power of God’s intervention and how it has given them hope. Please Donate today!

Understanding the Difference Between Relief and Healing

When we embark on the journey of healing, especially within the context of military families, it is important to recognize the distinct yet intertwined relationship between relief and healing. Relief offers a momentary respite from the challenges they face, while healing requires an unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive resources and assistance that address both immediate needs and long-term effects.

“Uniting Mind, Body, and Soul Through Family Reconciliation”

This article emphasizes family reconciliation’s significance and its impact on veterans’ lives. It explores the power of divine intervention in healing families, especially those betrayed by their support systems. It also showcases a Veteran family reunited through Set Apart Farms’ advocacy and resources, facilitating their mental and emotional reunion.

Angela Speaks on “Living In The Solution” with Dr Elaina George

Dr Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. Her interest in the politics of healthcare and the reform effort have led her to become both a powerful voice for the practicing physician, an advocate for the patient, and a healthcare policy analyst specializing in healthcare consumer driven solutions. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree […]