“Don’t expect a change in circumstances if you aren’t willing to do something different.”

Sounds simple right? Then why is it so hard to get someone to change their routine, especially if it causes negative outcomes?

Change can be difficult at times. Many people try to avoid it as much as possible, however there are a few that embrace it.

There are times when veterans will reach out and need someone to vent to about certain situations in their life that are causing pain or hardships. After listening to them I often ask the same questions:

1) What are you doing differently today than you were last week?

2) What are you doing different this week than you were last month?

More times than not, the answer is a blank stare or silence over the phone. This tells me they aren’t really doing anything differently but they’re looking for a different outcome.

It’s really important that we understand there’s no way to have change in your life unless you’re willing to do something different. During those times when you feel you’re at the bottom is the best time to accept change.

Being stuck in a rut is very limiting to your physical and mental state as well as your capabilities of being successful. Not just success in business or life, but successful at home, which is highly overlooked. So when you find yourself in a situation that you want out of, take the time to step back and really observe your current lifestyle choices and see where you can make adjustments for a more positive outcome.

At Set Apart Farms we embrace change. We know that positive change will lead you to who God made you to be. Little changes can lead to big results and what better way to change than as a family.

At one point in time for Veterans you were absolutely willing to “embrace the suck”, it’s time to let it go and embrace some positive change.