the impact can be devastating. As a Veteran family, we have experienced firsthand the pain of being let down by outdated and unreliable systems. We understand the struggles and frustrations that come with falling through the cracks. But here’s the thing: We refuse to accept defeat. We have witnessed the power of God’s intervention, showing us that there is hope. We are determined to rise above the brokenness and create a brighter future for Veteran families. Together, we can usher in a new era of support and create a better way of doing things.

The McMullen’s are a Veteran family seeking to live a simple life and raise their six children.

Jimmy is an Airforce Veteran who served faithfully in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Odessy Dawn plus more. He’s a hard-working father who wants to protect his children and see his family thrive.

Ashley is a dedicated mother to six beautiful children and a Veteran spouse. She has a dream to become a midwife and to do birth work to assist low-income families wanting a natural birthing experience. But those dreams are currently on hold.

In fact, everything is on hold for the McMullen family right now as they battle for the health of their oldest son.

Life can change in an instant. Just ask the McMullen family of eight, who have experienced a life-altering event. Their 10-year-old child, the oldest of six, fell seriously ill with a bacterial infection earlier this year. This illness has resulted in a need for ongoing medical treatment and intervention.

Sadly, the VA and insurance do not cover any of these necessary treatments. The cost of lab work and supplements continues to rise for the McMullen family. With diagnoses of Epstein Barr, Lyme disease, leaky gut, and potentially more, the road to recovery is still a long one for this resilient family.

Their unwavering mission to heal their beloved son continues, and they need all the support they can get.

Heartbreaking and frustrating stories like the McMullen’s are unfortunately not uncommon. At Set Apart Farms, we have a long-term goal of advocating for policy change to ensure that our Veteran families have access to individualized healthcare. We believe that simple policy adjustments, such as including allowances for naturopathic and integrative care, can help bridge this gap. Until that day comes, it is crucial that we all come together and support each other.

How can our Veterans focus, function and heal when their children and spouse are struggling?

Imagine the immense pressure and strain on our brave Veterans when their children and spouses are facing their own battles. It only worsens an already challenging situation. Shockingly, there are limited resources available to address this critical issue, leaving families vulnerable and in a dangerous place. Ashley is a woman tirelessly fighting for her family. She has witnessed countless ineffective therapies for her husband and now, she’s confronted with the lack of support for her son. The McMullen family is running on empty, desperately in need of hope. And that’s where we can step in, by confirming that the well-being of spouses and children are equally important. They are a vital unit, and their needs matter immensely. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that no one is left behind – because every member of a Veteran’s family matters!

At our core, we are dedicated to making a difference for families, like the McMullen’s, who long to heal together and enjoy the freedoms their loved ones fought to protect. We share the same aspirations and goals: ensuring that their basic needs are met, especially after the unwavering commitment and sacrifice that so many Veteran families have made for our country.

With God the impossible becomes possible. As families in the faith helping other families, we ask that you join the McMullen’s in their journey to heal their son. Donate, share, pray and reach out to us. We can create change by unifying and building new and better systems. Every child deserves access to individualized healthcare. Every family deserves a say as to what goes in their bodies and their children.

Together we must unite and make the changes needed for our families. If we won’t fight these giants of today, they will come after our children when we are gone tomorrow.

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