Healing Veteran Families

“Be set apart, for I am set apart.” – 1 Peter 1:16


We’d like to share our story with you of why we have created Set Apart Farms.

Many military families live a much different life before war and service than they do after, we were no exception to that. James left the military a much different man than when he entered, leaving with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), adjustment disorder, PTSD, as well as a long list of physical issues and in desperate need of a surgery. Our whole life, marriage and family changed drastically.

A family is a unit, just like an infantry squad is a unit. In order to function effectively, that unit must be together. In war, that squad works together to accomplish their mission. Just as in a family unit, every member is vital to that unit. Why is it that the military recognizes the importance of an infantry squad and the dynamics of that unit to function, but fails to see the importance of keeping the family unit together after service is rendered.


“Our mission is to provide temporary free housing and assistance to U.S. Veterans and their families facing homelessness and to support these families during a medical recovery utilizing VA and community services while promoting a healthy, faith-based lifestyle.”


The healing process may start with the Veteran, but it shouldn’t end there. At Set Apart Farms, our faith-based program is an integral part of rebuilding your families foundation, which is why we focus on healing the family as a unit.



Set Apart Farms will provide education on natural remedies for healing and sustainable living, family events and opportunities for spouses to connect and rekindle their friendship and marriage.



The Veteran family will have a case worker that will connect them to veteran services they rate and deserve while helping to correct any file issues that may further assist them with receiving services through the VA.



While at Set Apart Farms, the Veteran family will be connected with private sector services not provided by the VA such as LLLT and EMDR therapy, faith-based counseling and other services that help the entire family heal together as one.


Sadly, the story of Staff Sergeant James Hollon is not unique or an unfortunate stroke of bad luck.  Many combat veterans experience the same lack of access to quality health care and vital services that help warriors transition back into civilian life and heal their physical and mental injuries.  The process is a maze and can take years to navigate.

James is one example of a veteran who gave 12 1/2 years of service, 5 tours of duty and was a Senior Drill Instructor training recruits to become United States Marines. Veterans like James did their part, now it’s time to make sure the US Government does its part.  Getting surgeries or mental health services should be of the highest priority in helping heal our veterans and get him or her back into their family life and back into society as a functioning and productive person.



To encourage and equip each family member to live a Christ-centered, Spirit-led life and to empower the believer to fulfill the call of God’s word to be Set Apart.


We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired words of God, completely true and trustworthy. It is our primary source for living a faith-based life rooted in belief in Jesus and obedience to God’s statues, judgements, and commands.

We believe in the literal and physical return of Jesus Christ to judge the living and dead. We believe in prayer and whatever the immediate purpose, prayer should be that God’s Will be done on earth. We must forgive to be forgiven. The Set Apart Spirit will help us to pray. If we ask in faith and in the name of Jesus Christ, God will hear. We believe God has ordained the family a sacred and foundational unit for humanity. Marriage is the uniting of a man and a woman; one unit working together for God to raise and teach godly children. Marriage is a lifetime covenant that models our covenant with God. The husband and wife hold equal worth before their Creator, as both were made in His image.

A family that prays together, stays together.