“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4


Giving back to those who have sacrificed so much is a great way to honor and support our Veteran families. At Set Apart Farms we have created many opportunities to volunteer and serve our Veterans with respect and honor. Set Apart Farms values our community and understands the importance of community involvement and we would like to invite you to be a part of helping Veterans and their families by volunteering with us.

Opportunities consist of volunteer on the farm with building projects, livestock, garden care and general needs as well as special events hosted on the farm or at other venues. If you are interested in volunteering and learning more about what we do on the farm, please click the button to get started.


Each of our community members are unique and talented. Set Apart Farms would like to offer the opportunity for our community members and businesses to contribute their services to supporting veteran families through their recovery at the farm. You can contribute special services or skills directly to Veterans and/or their family members. Pro bono work, massage therapy, teaching educational classes, trades and more. If you have a special skill or business service that would assist Veteran families, we have an opportunity for you at Set Apart Farms.

We have provided a way for you to volunteer your skills and service directly to the veteran and/or family members. If you are interested and able to do so, we would love to partner with you. Please click the button to start the process.


Creating awareness for Set Apart Farms leads to more Veteran families being healed and served. Hosting a fundraising event is a fun and effective way to make community connections for Set Apart Farms. These events ensure that we will continue to serve and house veteran families though their surgeries and medical needs while healing the family unit. You can help us in helping Veteran families by hosting a fundraising event. Ultimately, our goal is to establish Set Apart Farms in multiple states!

If you are interested in hosting a special event, please click the button and let’s team up.


There is power and hope in sharing testimonies. We are committed to raising awareness through speaking about what we have learned and experienced so that it reaches other families that may be struggling and feeling hopeless. We want them to know there is support and a better way at Set Apart Farms. Our goal is to be a shining light for Veterans and their families, especially considering the unfortunate high percentage of divorce rate that is plaguing the Veteran community. Veteran families matter and healing awaits them here.

“Knowledge is power” is a well-known saying within the military community. However, without the experience, that knowledge can sometimes be misplaced. Set Apart Farms is unique in that it was created through knowledge and experience. Our family lived it; we are a product of broken systems. We have walked in those footsteps and endured, documenting it along the way. We have created a better way, faith led, and family driven.

If you are interested in scheduling the Hollon’s for a speaking event whether it be at a venue, television, online or on the radio, please click the button to begin the process.


Sharing our cause is another way to assist Set Apart Farms with healing Veteran families. Whether its online or in-person with your friends, family, co-workers, or complete strangers, bringing awareness to our organization is an easy way to support us in accomplishing our mission to heal Veterans and their families.

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