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Mar-A-Lago Event 2022


At Set Apart Farms, our unwavering commitment is to create a profound and meaningful difference in the lives of Veterans families.

Our speaking events encompass a diverse array of topics, delivered through our comprehensive programs and personal journey. We strive to ignite enlightening discussions that resonate with audiences at churches, conferences, and retreats across the nation.

Our passion lies in sharing our transformative experiences and unveiling the depths of our purpose to bring hope and guidance in your home.


Our captivating presentations encompass both inspirational and thought-provoking subjects, which can be customized for individual sessions, extended retreats, or conferences.

With a particular focus on Veteran family issues, we extensively address topics ranging from trauma to resilience and their profound impact on the family unit. Through our heartfelt and persuasive delivery, our goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by couples in their marriages.

We explore essential aspects such as needs, expectations, communication, goals, and forgiveness, all while emphasizing the fundamental importance of aligning marriages with principles rooted in faith.

Houston, Tx Event 2022
Bristol, TN Event 2023


We strive to empower and inspire men to foster healing and peace in their homes through unwavering dedication to authentic manhood, purposeful leadership, and unwavering integrity. Our mission is to cultivate a genuine sense of fulfillment as husbands and fathers.

For the remarkable women in our audience, we are thrilled to offer empowering talks that aim to guide them towards a marriage rooted in biblical principles. Our ultimate and heartfelt goal is to inspire and empower women to thrive in all aspects of life, from their faith to their marriage and, of course, motherhood.

We firmly believe in the power of challenging and educating families, as we wholeheartedly devote ourselves to helping them flourish into the remarkable units they were destined to become.

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At Set Apart Farms, we wholeheartedly believe in forging meaningful connections through our heartfelt and captivating talks.
Embark on this incredible journey of healing families with us.