We often come across a common trend when assisting families – the feeling of betrayal. It’s a natural response to frustration and abandonment when we’ve been let down, both as individuals and as a family. But here’s the thing: God has grander plans for us beyond our trauma. Those experiences shape and prepare us for the battles we face right at our doorstep – battles of healing, protecting our loved ones, and living the life God has destined for each of us.

We deeply appreciate your role in helping us reconcile families with God and providing them with a pathway to a better life. Through your support and assistance, we are witnessing generational healing in action. Every day, countless families experience the hope and resources they’ve longed for, thanks to your generosity.

We understand firsthand what it feels like to watch your life crumble, especially when those who promised to help are the ones causing the downfall. Thankfully, through divine intervention, we crossed paths with a remarkable Veteran family at precisely the right moment. The state’s plan was to separate this family by taking away their children through Child Protective Services (CPS). However, Set Apart Farms stepped in, offering hope, guidance, advocacy, housing, resources, and a connection to their local faith community.

As a result, this Veteran family is now healing holistically, uniting mind, body, and soul. With a faith-led and family-driven approach to long-term healing, they are thriving in ways they never thought possible.

But here’s the thing: there are countless families out there who desperately need this hope. That’s why our laser-sharp focus remains on creating a healing environment that our Veteran Families so rightly deserve. Together, let’s continue making a difference in the lives of those who have served our nation.

Join us in our mission of building Set Apart Farms, a place where we are passionately dedicated to bridging the gap. We firmly believe that it’s time to make a change and do things the right way, guided by our unwavering commitment to faith and family values.

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